Friday, May 3, 2013

Learn How To Own USA Bank Account ( for Non - US Residents ) ..

- 100% Legal account in a HIGH ranked US bank
- Free VISA Platinum Debit Card to withdrawal your money 
  with any world wide ATM machine .
- Free First US Check Book ( 50 Checks )
- Works with PayPal , 2CheckOut , StormPay and other
   online Payment processors
- Online Banking Access Facilities
- No SSN ' Social Security ID " . No USA address Required 
- Non US Residents are accepted 
- Just a copy of your PASSPORT or national ID . 

Dollarat online guide teaches you how to open your own US 
Bank Account as a Non- US resident ... using just a copy of
 your Passport ..

After September 11 and the laws promulgated in the US
Patriot Act , opening a US bank Account as non resident 
became almost impossible . Here you have found a simple 
solution for Non - US Residents to easily open a US Bank
Account . In Just 2 minutes you could have what you need
to open your US Bank Account .

Why do you want a US Bank Account?

 If you are selling using PayPal, E.Bay, 2Checkout, StormPay
 or any other common payment service, you know how
 expensive and time consuming is to get your funds in your
country Getting checks emailed to you can cost anywhere 
from USD$ 5,00 to USD$ 30,00 plus the charges that your
 local bank will take for the international deposit.
 There are some services that wire the money to your local
 bank but there are not cheap, if available But the most
 important of all problems... THE TIME.  It can take weeks or
 even months to see your money. Specially if you sell 
 ocassionally and your payment service have a high 
minimum required before send you the checks
 (PayPal requires USD$  150,00 plus USD$ 12,00 for 
mailing costs.

Let's face it

-If you  use  PayPal  or Ebay  to make some  money 
  occasionally . You need a US Bank Account
-If you have, or want to have, clients in the U.S .  You need a
   US Bank Account
-If you want to make serious business in the Internet . You
   need a US Bank Account 

*Now there are 3 ways you can open an account in
 the US : 

1-How to Open an US Bank Account -Expensive Method .

You can search in your local city if there is banks that gives
this service.  In many countries they ask for tons of papers
and references. And a minimum deposit from USD$ 2000,00 
to even USD$ 10000,00 (Yes, you read it right, ten thou-

I don't think this is the best way.

2-How to Open an US Bank Account - Never ending  Method. 
You can also spend weeks and months   researching in the 
 internet. Looking site after site,  asking bank after bank ,
 making phone calls and   sending emails .

Banks  will give you answer like this:

"You need a Social Security Number."
"You need a US Address."
"You need notarized documents."
"You need to come to US to sign some papers."

Some people spent monmths.... that's right, MONTHS trying to
 find out how to open a US Bank Account fast and without
 all the problems. I personallyspend over eight months 
until I could figure it out.... so, this is not a good way

Finally, if you are lucky enough to get in this web site, 

3- How to Open an US Bank Account - The right way

Simply get all the information in less than 2 minutes.
 Fill up the forms and send it to the bank along with
 your passport. 

(¡You don't have to send me anything )

In 7 days you will have your bank account in the US. 

That simple.

Now, that's a good way to do it. 

And here are some other reasons to open a US Bank 
Account for non-residents:

1- Receive payments from USA citizens easy and fast. Plus,
    you can use the money right away.
2-Transfer your money from PayPal and take it out from
    any VISA ATM machine
3- Make investments in US and International Companies
    Get a FREE US check book and ATM card
4-Shop on line or at any establishment that accept VISA
And don't forget….

- You can open your account just with a copy of your
  passport .
- You can open your account in 7 days or less. FAST and
    SECURE .
- You can have your account with NO Deposit/Withdrawal 

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