Friday, May 3, 2013

Debit & Internet Virtual Cards

Debit & Internet Virtual Cards
Learn How to receive/wire transfer Money from U.S or International Bank account or from any online payment processor (eGold, Paypal, StormPay , 2Checkout etc) to your local ATM at your home country.
* A card to withdraw funds
If you want withdraw your fund from an ATM with card that can be deposited / funded from US Bank account , International wire transfer or online Payment processor (PayPal , StormPay , MoneyBooker , 2checkout or any other PP ) then you'll need a card, which is very difficult to find especially for non U.S residents.
So you need a card that let you deposit funds via "direct deposit" or "ACH transfer"
Also, you need that the card gives you a US Bank Account number to make the deposit.
A Card that allows you to withdraw your funds from your payment processor ( PayPal , MoneyBooker , 2checkout etc ) and get your money fast from any ATM machine worldwide.

If you use eGold, you will also need a card that lets you deposit funds via eGold or e-Gold Exchanger.
Plus you need a trusted service that you can use safely and at a reasonable cost.
Here you will learn how you can get money from your PayPal account, 2Checkout , MoneyBookers or any other service that send ACH transfer (Direct deposits).
This system works for the majority of countries and it's absolutely guaranteed to work
These kinds of cards are known as "added value" cards that allow you to "deposit funds" on it, so you can withdraw the money from an ATM.

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